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Calendrier NBA

NBA   Calendrier   Classement

  Cleveland Cavaliers New York Knicks 117:88
  Portland Trail Blazers Utah Jazz 113:104
  Golden State Warriors San Antonio Spurs 100:129
  Indiana Pacers Dallas Mavericks 130:121(PRL)
  Orlando Magic Miami Heat 96:108
  Toronto Raptors Detroit Pistons 109:91
  Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets 122:117
  Philadelphia 76ers Oklahoma City Thunder 97:103
  New Orleans Pelicans Denver Nuggets 102:107
  Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves 102:98
  Milwaukee Bucks Charlotte Hornets 96:107
  Phoenix Suns Sacramento Kings 94:113
  Los Angeles Lakers Houston Rockets 120:114
  Atlanta Hawks Washington Wizards 114:99
  Chicago Bulls Boston Celtics 105:99
  Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Clippers 106:114
  Sacramento Kings San Antonio Spurs 94:102
  Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers 91:94
  Detroit Pistons Orlando Magic 108:82
  Brooklyn Nets Indiana Pacers 103:94
  Miami Heat Charlotte Hornets 91:97
  Oklahoma City Thunder Phoenix Suns 113:110(PRL)
  Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets 98:106
  Utah Jazz Los Angeles Lakers 96:89
  New Orleans Pelicans Golden State Warriors 114:122
  Philadelphia 76ers Atlanta Hawks 72:104
  Charlotte Hornets Boston Celtics         98:104
  New York Knicks Memphis Grizzlies         111:104
  Cleveland Cavaliers Orlando Magic         105:99
  Denver Nuggets Portland Trail Blazers         113:115(PRL)
  San Antonio Spurs New Orleans Pelicans         98:79
  Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers         118:101
  Milwaukee Bucks Brooklyn Nets         110:108
  Sacramento Kings Minnesota Timberwolves         106:103
  Los Angeles Clippers Utah Jazz         88:75
  Detroit Pistons Milwaukee Bucks         98:83
  Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs         99:106
  Phoenix Suns Golden State Warriors         100:106
  Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Lakers 113:96
  Memphis Grizzlies Washington Wizards 112:103(PRL)
  Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks 93:92
  Atlanta Hawks Sacramento Kings 106:95
  Toronto Raptors Denver Nuggets 105:102
  Brooklyn Nets Chicago Bulls 88:118
  Los Angeles Clippers Phoenix Suns 116:98
  Cleveland Cavaliers Houston Rockets 128:120
  Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Lakers 115:108
  Philadelphia 76ers Orlando Magic 101:103
  Detroit Pistons New York Knicks 102:89
  Miami Heat Sacramento Kings 108:96(PRL)
  Minnesota Timberwolves Memphis Grizzlies 116:80
  New Orleans Pelicans Milwaukee Bucks 113:117
  San Antonio Spurs Utah Jazz 91:106
  Portland Trail Blazers Golden State Warriors 104:127
  Charlotte Hornets Philadelphia 76ers 109:93
  Washington Wizards Toronto Raptors 103:113
  Brooklyn Nets Detroit Pistons 109:101
  Atlanta Hawks Los Angeles Lakers 116:123
  New York Knicks Houston Rockets 99:118
  Boston Celtics Chicago Bulls 107:100
  Memphis Grizzlies New Orleans Pelicans 89:83(PRL)
  Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 97:81
  Phoenix Suns Portland Trail Blazers 118:115(PRL)
  Los Angeles Clippers Oklahoma City Thunder 83:85
  Orlando Magic Sacramento Kings 102:94
  Cleveland Cavaliers Boston Celtics 128:122
  Minnesota Timberwolves Denver Nuggets 99:102
  Milwaukee Bucks Indiana Pacers 125:107
  Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder 122:96
  Washington Wizards Atlanta Hawks 95:92
  Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets 95:99
  Toronto Raptors Miami Heat 96:87
  New Orleans Pelicans Phoenix Suns 111:112(PRL)
  Memphis Grizzlies Los Angeles Clippers 88:99
  Chicago Bulls New York Knicks 104:117
  Dallas Mavericks Portland Trail Blazers 95:105
  Utah Jazz San Antonio Spurs 86:100
  Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors 117:97
  Oklahoma City Thunder Minnesota Timberwolves 112:9
  Indiana Pacers Chicago Bulls 111:94
  Detroit Pistons Denver Nuggets 103:86
  Philadelphia 76ers Cleveland Cavaliers 101:102
  Orlando Magic Washington Wizards 88:86
  Atlanta Hawks Houston Rockets 112:97
  Milwaukee Bucks Sacramento Kings 117:91
  San Antonio Spurs Los Angeles Clippers 92:116
  New York Knicks Utah Jazz 109:114
  Memphis Grizzlies Portland Trail Blazers 94:100
  Toronto Raptors Sacramento Kings 91:96
  Dallas Mavericks Milwaukee Bucks 86:75(PRL)
  Boston Celtics Denver Nuggets 107:123
  Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns 119:108
  Charlotte Hornets Indiana Pacers 122:100
  Washington Wizards Houston Rockets 106:114
  Philadelphia 76ers Utah Jazz 84:109
  Oklahoma City Thunder Miami Heat 97:85
  Chicago Bulls Orlando Magic 112:80
  Golden State Warriors New Orleans Pelicans 116:106
  Los Angeles Clippers Detroit Pistons 114:82
  Cleveland Cavaliers Atlanta Hawks 106:110
  Brooklyn Nets Minnesota Timberwolves 119:110
  Memphis Grizzlies Denver Nuggets 108:107
  Portland Trail Blazers Phoenix Suns 124:121
  Sacramento Kings New Orleans Pelicans 102:94
  Los Angeles Lakers Dallas Mavericks 97:109
  Charlotte Hornets Utah Jazz 104:98
  Indiana Pacers Philadelphia 76ers 122:115(PRL)
  Washington Wizards Boston Celtics 118:93
  Orlando Magic Minnesota Timberwolves 107:123
  New York Knicks Brooklyn Nets 110:96
  Atlanta Hawks Chicago Bulls 115:107
  Oklahoma City Thunder Toronto Raptors 102:112
  Phoenix Suns Detroit Pistons 107:100
  San Antonio Spurs Houston Rockets 99:101
  Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 116:95
  Los Angeles Clippers Portland Trail Blazers 111/80
  Milwaukee Bucks New Orleans Pelicans 106:112
  Miami Heat Chicago Bulls 95:98
  Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors 101:125
  Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Lakers 91:101
  Charlotte Hornets Toronto Raptors 111:113
  Washington Wizards Cleveland Cavaliers 94:105
  Philadelphia 76ers Indiana Pacers 109:105(PRL)
  Orlando Magic Utah Jazz 74:87
  Boston Celtics New York Knicks 115:87
  Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Clippers 108:110
  San Antonio Spurs Detroit Pistons 96:86
  Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings 122:120(PRL)
  New Orleans Pelicans Los Angeles Lakers 99:126
  Indiana Pacers Boston Celtics 99:105
  Toronto Raptors New York Knicks 118:107
  Atlanta Hawks Philadelphia 76ers 117:96
  Chicago Bulls Washington Wizards 106:95
  Miami Heat Utah Jazz 91:102
  Minnesota Timberwolves Los Angeles Clippers 105:119
  Houston Rockets San Antonio Spurs 100:106
  Milwaukee Bucks Memphis Grizzlies 106:96
  Phoenix Suns Brooklyn Nets 104:122
  Denver Nuggets Detroit Pistons 95:106
  Cleveland Cavaliers Charlotte Hornets 100:93
  Oklahoma City Thunder Orlando Magic 117:119
  Minnesota Timberwolves Los Angeles Lakers 125:99
  Golden State Warriors Phoenix Suns 133:120
  Portland Trail Blazers Denver Nuggets 112:105
  Indiana Pacers Orlando Magic 88:69
  New York Knicks Dallas Mavericks 93:77
  Detroit Pistons Oklahoma City Thunder 104:88
  Houston Rockets Philadelphia 76ers 115:88
  New Orleans Pelicans Boston Celtics 106:105
  San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat 94:90
  Utah Jazz Memphis Grizzlies 96:102
  Los Angeles Clippers Brooklyn Nets 127:95
  Cleveland Cavaliers Toronto Raptors 121:117
  Miami Heat Atlanta Hawks 90:93
  Minnesota Timberwolves Charlotte Hornets 108:115
  Portland Trail Blazers Chicago Bulls 88:113
  Los Angeles Lakers Brooklyn Nets 125:118
  Philadelphia 76ers Washington Wizards 109:102
  Indiana Pacers Cleveland Cavaliers 103:93
  Orlando Magic New Orleans Pelicans 89:82
  Boston Celtics Dallas Mavericks 90:83
  New York Knicks Detroit Pistons 105:102
  Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks 107:100
  Oklahoma City Thunder Houston Rockets 105:103
  Toronto Raptors Golden State Warriors 121:127
  Denver Nuggets Phoenix Suns 120:104
  Los Angeles Clippers Memphis Grizzlies 107:111
  Sacramento Kings San Antonio Spurs 105:110
  Washington Wizards New York Knicks 119:112
  Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks 96:73
  Minnesota Timberwolves Philadelphia 76ers 110:86
  Houston Rockets Portland Trail Blazers 126:109
  Utah Jazz Chicago Bulls 77:85
  Charlotte Hornets Atlanta Hawks 100:96
  Indiana Pacers Phoenix Suns 96:116
  Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons 104:81
  Oklahoma City Thunder Brooklyn Nets 124:105
  New Orleans Pelicans Portland Trail Blazers 113:101
  Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors 88:104
  Dallas Mavericks Memphis Grizzlies 64:80
  Denver Nuggets Toronto Raptors 111:113(PRL)
  Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Clippers 115:121
  Los Angeles Lakers San Antonio Spurs 107:116
  Houston Rockets Utah Jazz 111:102
  Orlando Magic Dallas Mavericks 95:87
  Washington Wizards Miami Heat 111:114
  New Orleans Pelicans Charlotte Hornets 121:116(PRL)
  Detroit Pistons Boston Celtics 92:94
  Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns 120:105
  Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves 93:71
  Milwaukee Bucks Golden State Warriors 121:124
  Los Angeles Clippers Chicago Bulls 102:95
  New York Knicks Atlanta Hawks 104:94
  Brooklyn Nets Portland Trail Blazers 109:129
  Oklahoma City Thunder Indiana Pacers 111:115(PRL)
  Sacramento Kings Toronto Raptors 102:99
  Denver Nuggets Utah Jazz 105:91
  Los Angeles Lakers Chicago Bulls 110:118
  Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat 101:94
  Indiana Pacers Golden State Warriors 83:120
  Charlotte Hornets Memphis Grizzlies 90:105
  Washington Wizards Phoenix Suns 106:101
  Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets 96:99
  Milwaukee Bucks Orlando Magic 93:89
  Minnesota Timberwolves Boston Celtics 93:99
  San Antonio Spurs Dallas Mavericks 96:91
  Los Angeles Clippers Toronto Raptors 123:115
  Atlanta Hawks New Orleans Pelicans 94:112
  New York Knicks Portland Trail Blazers 107:103
  Denver Nuggets Chicago Bulls 110:107
  Los Angeles Lakers Oklahoma City Thunder 111:109
  Orlando Magic Phoenix Suns 87:92
  Charlotte Hornets San Antonio Spurs 114:119
  Philadelphia 76ers Memphis Grizzlies 99:104(PRL)
  Cleveland Cavaliers Portland Trail Blazers 137:125
  Indiana Pacers Atlanta Hawks 85:96
  Brooklyn Nets Boston Celtics 92:111
  Detroit Pistons Miami Heat 107:84
  Houston Rockets Toronto Raptors 102:115
  Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Clippers 104:124
  Utah Jazz Denver Nuggets 108:83
  New Orleans Pelicans Minnesota Timberwolves 117:96
  Sacramento Kings Oklahoma City Thunder 116:101
  Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers 149:106
  Boston Celtics San Antonio Spurs 103:109
  Orlando Magic Washington Wizards 91:94
  Cleveland Cavaliers Dallas Mavericks 128:90
  Philadelphia 76ers Chicago Bulls 89:105
  New York Knicks Charlotte Hornets 113:111(PRL)
  Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Clippers 108:97
  Utah Jazz Atlanta Hawks 95:68
  Indiana Pacers Brooklyn Nets 118:97
  Milwaukee Bucks Toronto Raptors 99:105
  Memphis Grizzlies Miami Heat 81:90
  Denver Nuggets Oklahoma City Thunder 129:132(PRL)
  Phoenix Suns Minnesota Timberwolves 85:98
  Portland Trail Blazers New Orleans Pelicans 119:104
  Sacramento Kings Houston Rockets 104:117
  Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors 85:109
  Charlotte Hornets New York Knicks 107:102
  Washington Wizards San Antonio Spurs 100:112
  Oklahoma City Thunder Detroit Pistons 106:88
  Miami Heat Memphis Grizzlies 107:110
  Golden State Warriors Minnesota Timberwolves 115:102
  Philadelphia 76ers Cleveland Cavaliers 108:112
  Phoenix Suns Denver Nuggets 114:120
  Orlando Magic Milwaukee Bucks 96:104
  Brooklyn Nets Sacramento Kings 105:122
  Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers 91:70
  Dallas Mavericks New Orleans Pelicans 91:81
  Portland Trail Blazers Houston Rockets 114:130
  Los Angeles Lakers Atlanta Hawks 109:94
  Washington Wizards Sacramento Kings 101:95(PRL)
  Toronto Raptors Philadelphia 76ers 122:95
  Miami Heat Boston Celtics 104:112
  New York Knicks Oklahoma City Thunder 103:112
  Memphis Grizzlies Charlotte Hornets 85:104
  Minnesota Timberwolves Utah Jazz 103:112
  Golden State Warriors Atlanta Hawks 105:100
  Charlotte Hornets Detroit Pistons 89:112
  Brooklyn Nets Los Angeles Clippers 127:122(PRL)
  New Orleans Pelicans Los Angeles Lakers 105:88
  Milwaukee Bucks Cleveland Cavaliers 118:101
  San Antonio Spurs Orlando Magic 83:95
  Utah Jazz Houston Rockets 120:1
  Philadelphia 76ers Sacramento Kings         reporté
  Boston Celtics Detroit Pistons         114:121
  Toronto Raptors Memphis Grizzlies         120:105
  Minnesota Timberwolves New York Knicks         104:106
  Oklahoma City Thunder Washington Wizards         126:115(PRL)
  Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Lakers         90:96
  Dallas Mavericks San Antonio Spurs         87:94
  Denver Nuggets Miami Heat         98:106
  Phoenix Suns Atlanta Hawks         109:107
  Portland Trail Blazers Indiana Pacers         131:109
  Charlotte Hornets Dallas Mavericks         97:87
  Brooklyn Nets Milwaukee Bucks         93:111
  Cleveland Cavaliers Los Angeles Clippers         94:113
  Memphis Grizzlies Orlando Magic         95:94
  Utah Jazz Miami Heat         110:111
  Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets         127:132(PRL)
  Philadelphia 76ers Orlando Magic         88:105
  Boston Celtics Sacramento Kings         97:92
  New York Knicks Minnesota Timberwolves         118:114
  Toronto Raptors Los Angeles Lakers         113:80
  Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers         111:105
  New Orleans Pelicans Los Angeles Clippers         96:114
  Atlanta Hawks Detroit Pistons         85:121
  San Antonio Spurs Washington Wizards         107:105
  Denver Nuggets Houston Rockets         110:128
  Milwaukee Bucks Brooklyn Nets         112:103
  Charlotte Hornets Minnesota Timberwolves         120:125(PRL)
  Philadelphia 76ers Boston Celtics         106:107
  Toronto Raptors Atlanta Hawks         128:84
  Memphis Grizzlies Los Angeles Lakers         103:100
  Dallas Mavericks Chicago Bulls         107:82
  Utah Jazz Denver Nuggets         105:98
  Portland Trail Blazers Miami Heat         99:92
  Golden State Warriors Phoenix Suns         138:109
  Detroit Pistons Orlando Magic         92:98
  Oklahoma City Thunder New Orleans Pelicans         101:92
  New York Knicks Sacramento Kings         106:98
  Los Angeles Clippers Indiana Pacers         102:111
  Philadelphia 76ers Denver Nuggets         98:106
  Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers         112:116
  Atlanta Hawks Oklahoma City Thunder         99:102
  Brooklyn Nets Washington Wizards         113:118
  New Orleans Pelicans Memphis Grizzlies         108:110(PRL)
  Milwaukee Bucks San Antonio Spurs         96:97
  Houston Rockets Boston Celtics         107:106
  Chicago Bulls Portland Trail Blazers         110:112
  Dallas Mavericks Charlotte Hornets         101:109
  Los Angeles Lakers Utah Jazz         101:107
  Golden State Warriors Indiana Pacers         142:10
  Washington Wizards Orlando Magic         116:124
  Detroit Pistons Chicago Bulls         102:91
  Miami Heat New York Knicks         103:114
  Memphis Grizzlies Philadelphia 76ers         96:91
  Minnesota Timberwolves San Antonio Spurs         91:105
  Utah Jazz Phoenix Suns         112:105
  Orlando Magic Boston Celtics         87:117
  Charlotte Hornets Detroit Pistons         87:77
  Brooklyn Nets Denver Nuggets         116:111
  Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat         103:95
  Houston Rockets Los Angeles Lakers         134:95
  New York Knicks Cleveland Cavaliers         94:126
  Milwaukee Bucks Portland Trail Blazers         115:107
  Dallas Mavericks Sacramento Kings         89:120
  Phoenix Suns Indiana Pacers         94:109
  Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors         98:115
  Toronto Raptors Minnesota Timberwolves         124:110
  Washington Wizards Denver Nuggets         92:85
  Memphis Grizzlies Portland Trail Blazers         88:86
  New Orleans Pelicans Philadelphia 76ers         88:99
  Utah Jazz Golden State Warriors         99:106
  Chicago Bulls San Antonio Spurs         95:91
  Charlotte Hornets Orlando Magic         109:88
  Cleveland Cavaliers Miami Heat         114:84
  Boston Celtics Toronto Raptors         94:101
  Minnesota Timberwolves Detroit Pistons         90:117
  Oklahoma City Thunder Houston Rockets         99:102
  Milwaukee Bucks Atlanta Hawks         110:114
  Dallas Mavericks Indiana Pacers         111:103
  Sacramento Kings New York Knicks         100:103
  Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns         115:11
  Washington Wizards Milwaukee Bucks         110:105
  Orlando Magic Denver Nuggets         113:121
  Indiana Pacers Portland Trail Blazers         118:111
  Cleveland Cavaliers Charlotte Hornets         116:105
  Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks         109:87
  Chicago Bulls Miami Heat         105:100
  Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors         110:89
  San Antonio Spurs Brooklyn Nets         130:101
  Utah Jazz Sacramento Kings         104:84
  Los Angeles Clippers New Orleans Pelicans         133:105
  Detroit Pistons Philadelphia 76ers         79:97
  Minnesota Timberwolves Golden State Warriors         108:116
  Oklahoma City Thunder Boston Celtics         99:96
  Phoenix Suns New Orleans Pelicans         119:120(PRL)
  Los Angeles Lakers New York Knicks         112:118
  Indiana Pacers Charlotte Hornets 110:94
  Miami Heat Washington Wizards 112:101
  Toronto Raptors Milwaukee Bucks 122:100
  Houston Rockets Brooklyn Nets 122:118
  Dallas Mavericks Denver Nuggets 112:92
  Los Angeles Clippers Portland Trail Blazers 121:120
  Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Lakers 116:9
  Cleveland Cavaliers Memphis Grizzlies 103:86
  Atlanta Hawks Orlando Magic 120:131
  Chicago Bulls Minnesota Timberwolves 94:99
  New Orleans Pelicans Golden State Warriors 109:113
  Phoenix Suns New York Knicks 113:111(PRL)
  Portland Trail Blazers Oklahoma City Thunder 114:95
  Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors 114:123
  Washington Wizards Charlotte Hornets 109:106
  Orlando Magic Los Angeles Clippers 108:113
  Miami Heat Indiana Pacers 95:89
  Brooklyn Nets Los Angeles Lakers 107:97
  Houston Rockets Sacramento Kings 132:98
  Memphis Grizzlies Cleveland Cavaliers 93:85
  Dallas Mavericks Detroit Pistons 85:95
  Utah Jazz Oklahoma City Thunder 109:89
  San Antonio Spurs Boston Celtics 108:1
  Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls 108:97
  New Orleans Pelicans Indiana Pacers 102:95
  Denver Nuggets Portland Trail Blazers 132:120
  Phoenix Suns San Antonio Spurs 92:107
  Golden State Warriors New York Knicks 103:90
  Washington Wizards Detroit Pistons 122:108
  Orlando Magic Brooklyn Nets 118:111
  Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets 96:88
  Toronto Raptors Atlanta Hawks 121:125
  Houston Rockets New Orleans Pelicans 122:100
  Memphis Grizzlies Sacramento Kings 92:96
  Philadelphia 76ers Los Angeles Lakers 89:100
  Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks 69:95
  Miami Heat Los Angeles Clippers 98:102
  Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 103:100
  Oklahoma City Thunder Phoenix Suns 114:101
  Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers 90:105
  Cleveland Cavaliers Los Angeles Lakers 119:108
  Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets 99:107
  Minnesota Timberwolves Houston Rockets 109:111(PRL)
  Denver Nuggets New York Knicks 127:114
  Golden State Warriors Portland Trail Blazers 135:90
  Washington Wizards Los Angeles Clippers 117:110
  Dallas Mavericks Sacramento Kings 99:79
  Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors 79:109
  Miami Heat Boston Celtics 95:105
  Memphis Grizzlies Utah Jazz 73:82
  Philadelphia 76ers Brooklyn Nets 108:107
  San Antonio Spurs New Orleans Pelicans 113:100
  Indiana Pacers Washington Wizards 107:105
  Minnesota Timberwolves Phoenix Suns 115:108
  Oklahoma City Thunder Atlanta Hawks 108:110
  Chicago Bulls Detroit Pistons 113:82
  Denver Nuggets Dallas Mavericks 117:107
  Philadelphia 76ers New Orleans Pelicans 93:108
  Charlotte Hornets Los Angeles Lakers 117:113
  Toronto Raptors Brooklyn Nets 116:104
  New York Knicks Indiana Pacers 118:111
  Miami Heat Orlando Magic 130:136(PRL)
  Milwaukee Bucks Cleveland Cavaliers 108:114(PRL)
  Houston Rockets San Antonio Spurs 100:102
  Memphis Grizzlies Boston Celtics 109:112(PRL)
  Golden State Warriors Utah Jazz 104:74
  Sacramento Kings Portland Trail Blazers 126:121
  Los Angeles Clippers Denver Nuggets 119:102
  Cleveland Cavaliers Milwaukee Bucks 113:102
  Atlanta Hawks Minnesota Timberwolves 84:92
  Detroit Pistons Memphis Grizzlies 86:98
  Chicago Bulls Washington Wizards 97:107
  New Orleans Pelicans Oklahoma City Thunder 110:121
  Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets 111:125
  Utah Jazz Sacramento Kings 93:94
  Portland Trail Blazers Dallas Mavericks 95:96
  Indiana Pacers Boston Celtics 102:109
  New York Knicks Orlando Magic 106:95
  Brooklyn Nets Golden State Warriors 101:117
  Miami Heat Los Angeles Lakers 115:107
  Los Angeles Clippers San Antonio Spurs 106:101
  Orlando Magic Los Angeles Lakers 109:90
  Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls 103:91
  Cleveland Cavaliers Brooklyn Nets 119:99
  Detroit Pistons Golden State Warriors 113:119
  Boston Celtics Oklahoma City Thunder 112:117
  Milwaukee Bucks Washington Wizards 123:96
  Minnesota Timberwolves Sacramento Kings 105:109
  Memphis Grizzlies Houston Rockets 115:109
  New Orleans Pelicans Miami Heat 91:87
  Phoenix Suns Philadelphia 76ers 123:116
  Denver Nuggets Atlanta Hawks 108:109
  Utah Jazz Toronto Raptors 98:104
  Portland Trail Blazers San Antonio Spurs 90:110
  Los Angeles Clippers Dallas Mavericks 88:90
  New York Knicks Boston Celtics 114:119
  Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors 109:108
  San Antonio Spurs Chicago Bulls 119:1
  Oklahoma City Thunder Minnesota Timberwolves 112:100
  Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers 111:102
  Orlando Magic Memphis Grizzlies 112:102
  Washington Wizards Milwaukee Bucks 107:102
  Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets 120:118
  Detroit Pistons Cleveland Cavaliers 106:90
  Houston Rockets Phoenix Suns 131:115
  Minnesota Timberwolves Atlanta Hawks 104:90
  New Orleans Pelicans Dallas Mavericks 111:104
  Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers 90:85
  Portland Trail Blazers Toronto Raptors 91:95
  Los Angeles Clippers Denver Nuggets 102:106
  Sacramento Kings Philadelphia 76ers 102:100
  Boston Celtics Memphis Grizzlies 113:103
  Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder 94:106
  Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets 107:123
  Los Angeles Lakers Utah Jazz 100:102
  Washington Wizards Indiana Pacers 111:105
  Orlando Magic Charlotte Hornets 101:120
  Atlanta Hawks New York Knicks 102:98(PRL)
  Detroit Pistons Milwaukee Bucks 94:119
  Chicago Bulls Brooklyn Nets 101:99
  New Orleans Pelicans Los Angeles Clippers 102:98
  San Antonio Spurs Phoenix Suns 119:98
  Denver Nuggets Minnesota Timberwolves 105:103
  Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings 102:89
  Golden State Warriors Toronto Raptors 121:111
  Charlotte Hornets Miami Heat 91:82
  Memphis Grizzlies Oklahoma City Thunder 114:80
  Cleveland Cavaliers Boston Celtics 124:118
  Utah Jazz Philadelphia 76ers 100:83
  Phoenix Suns Toronto Raptors 99:91
  Los Angeles Lakers Dallas Mavericks 89:101
  Indiana Pacers Chicago Bulls 111:101
  Washington Wizards Brooklyn Nets 118:95
  Boston Celtics Miami Heat 117:114
  Atlanta Hawks Detroit Pistons 105:98
  Houston Rockets Los Angeles Clippers 140:116
  New Orleans Pelicans New York Knicks 104:92
  Minnesota Timberwolves Milwaukee Bucks 116:99
  San Antonio Spurs Portland Trail Blazers 110:94
  Denver Nuggets Philadelphia 76ers 122:124
  Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 108:99
  Sacramento Kings Memphis Grizzlies 98:112
  Charlotte Hornets Cleveland Cavaliers         109:121
  Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks         96:116
  Utah Jazz Phoenix Suns         91:86
  Houston Rockets New York Knicks         129:122
  Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Clippers         114:88
  Indiana Pacers Orlando Magic 117:104
  Miami Heat Detroit Pistons 98:107
  Atlanta Hawks San Antonio Spurs 114:112(PRL)
  Minnesota Timberwolves Portland Trail Blazers 89:95
  Los Angeles Lakers Toronto Raptors 114:123
  Cleveland Cavaliers New Orleans Pelicans 90:82
  Milwaukee Bucks Oklahoma City Thunder 98:94
  New York Knicks Orlando Magic 103:115
  Brooklyn Nets Utah Jazz 89:101
  Houston Rockets Washington Wizards 101:91
  Chicago Bulls Charlotte Hornets 118:111
  Golden State Warriors Denver Nuggets 127:119
  Los Angeles Clippers Phoenix Suns 109:98
  Philadelphia 76ers Minnesota Timberwolves 93:91
  Boston Celtics Utah Jazz 115:104
  Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers 116:121
  San Antonio Spurs Toronto Raptors 110:82
  Dallas Mavericks Washington Wizards 113:105
  Denver Nuggets Sacramento Kings 113:120
  Phoenix Suns Miami Heat 99:90
  Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Grizzlies 116:102
  Orlando Magic Atlanta Hawks 92:111
  Charlotte Hornets Oklahoma City Thunder 123:112
  New York Knicks Milwaukee Bucks 104:105
  Cleveland Cavaliers Chicago Bulls 94:106
  Sacramento Kings Miami Heat 102:107
  Los Angeles Clippers Memphis Grizzlies 115:106
  Golden State Warriors Portland Trail Blazers 125:117
  Indiana Pacers Brooklyn Nets 121:109
  Detroit Pistons Charlotte Hornets 115:114
  Toronto Raptors Utah Jazz 101:93
  Houston Rockets Oklahoma City Thunder 118:116
  New Orleans Pelicans Atlanta Hawks 94:99
  Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 95:102
  Denver Nuggets San Antonio Spurs 99:127
  Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Lakers 118:109
  Washington Wizards Minnesota Timberwolves 112:105
  Orlando Magic Houston Rockets 93:100
  Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers 110:106
  Brooklyn Nets Cleveland Cavaliers 108:116
  Milwaukee Bucks New York Knicks 111:116
  Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat 127:100
  Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Clippers 98:106
  Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies 119:128(PRL)
  Indiana Pacers New York Knicks 123:109
  Boston Celtics New Orleans Pelicans 117:108
  Oklahoma City Thunder Denver Nuggets 121:106
  Chicago Bulls Toronto Raptors 123:118(PRL)
  Minnesota Timberwolves Utah Jazz 92:94
  Dallas Mavericks Atlanta Hawks 82:97
  San Antonio Spurs Charlotte Hornets 102:85
  Brooklyn Nets Philadelphia 76ers 95:105
  Milwaukee Bucks Washington Wizards 101:107
  Los Angeles Clippers Miami Heat 98:86
  Toronto Raptors Houston Rockets 122:129
  Memphis Grizzlies Utah Jazz 88:79
  Phoenix Suns Cleveland Cavaliers 116:120
  Portland Trail Blazers Detroit Pistons 124:125(PRL)
  Sacramento Kings Golden State Warriors 106:117
  Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic 111:95
  New York Knicks New Orleans Pelicans 96:110
  Minnesota Timberwolves Dallas Mavericks 101:92
  Chicago Bulls Oklahoma City Thunder 94:109
  Washington Wizards Chicago Bulls 101:99
  Toronto Raptors Boston Celtics 114:106
  Brooklyn Nets Atlanta Hawks 97:117
  Houston Rockets Charlotte Hornets 121:114
  San Antonio Spurs Milwaukee Bucks 107:109
  Utah Jazz Cleveland Cavaliers 100:92
  Golden State Warriors Miami Heat 107:95
  Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers 87:108
  Sacramento Kings Detroit Pistons 100:94
  Philadelphia 76ers New York Knicks 98:97
  Minnesota Timberwolves Houston Rockets 119:105
  Oklahoma City Thunder Memphis Grizzlies 103:95
  Boston Celtics Washington Wizards 117:108
  Los Angeles Clippers Orlando Magic 105:96
  Portland Trail Blazers Cleveland Cavaliers 102:86
  Brooklyn Nets New Orleans Pelicans 95:104
  New York Knicks Chicago Bulls 104:89
  San Antonio Spurs Los Angeles Lakers 134:94
  Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks 108:113
  Golden State Warriors Detroit Pistons 127:107
  Philadelphia 76ers Charlotte Hornets 102:93
  Toronto Raptors Brooklyn Nets 132:113
  Milwaukee Bucks Miami Heat 116:108
  Houston Rockets Memphis Grizzlies 105:110
  Minnesota Timberwolves Oklahoma City Thunder 96:86
  Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics 101:103
  Portland Trail Blazers Orlando Magic 109:115
  Sacramento Kings Cleveland Cavaliers 108:120
  Utah Jazz Detroit Pistons 110:77
  Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers 113:97
  Chicago Bulls New Orleans Pelicans 107:99
  Phoenix Suns San Antonio Spurs 108:105
  Washington Wizards Philadelphia 76ers 109:93
  Utah Jazz Orlando Magic 114:107
  Dallas Mavericks Minnesota Timberwolves 98:87
  Toronto Raptors New York Knicks 116:101
  Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks 111:98
  Brooklyn Nets Houston Rockets 112:137
  Memphis Grizzlies Chicago Bulls 104:108
  Sacramento Kings Oklahoma City Thunder 118:122
  Los Angeles Lakers Detroit Pistons 97:102
  New York Knicks Atlanta Hawks 107:108
  Washington Wizards Portland Trail Blazers 120:101
  Milwaukee Bucks Philadelphia 76ers 104:113
  Indiana Pacers New Orleans Pelicans 98:95
  Denver Nuggets Orlando Magic 125:112
  Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets 108:98
  Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers 126:91
  Phoenix Suns Utah Jazz 101:106
  Los Angeles Clippers Oklahoma City Thunder 120:98
  Miami Heat Houston Rockets 109:103
  Brooklyn Nets Toronto Raptors 109:119
  Chicago Bulls Dallas Mavericks 98:99
  San Antonio Spurs Minnesota Timberwolves 122:114
  Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets 121:127
  Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors 94:89
  Washington Wizards Memphis Grizzlies 104:101
  Charlotte Hornets Portland Trail Blazers 107:85
  Boston Celtics New York Knicks 106:117
  Houston Rockets Milwaukee Bucks 111:92
  Detroit Pistons Atlanta Hawks 118:95
  New Orleans Pelicans Orlando Magic 118:98
  Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder 121:100
  Sacramento Kings Indiana Pacers 100:106
  Cleveland Cavaliers Phoenix Suns 118:103
  Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks 99:95
  New York Knicks Washington Wizards 110:113
  San Antonio Spurs Denver Nuggets 118:104
  Los Angeles Clippers Minnesota Timberwolves 101:10
  Philadelphia 76ers Portland Trail Blazers → Pariez
  Orlando Magic Milwaukee Bucks → Pariez
  Charlotte Hornets Toronto Raptors → Pariez
  Atlanta Hawks Chicago Bulls → Pariez
  Memphis Grizzlies Sacramento Kings → Pariez
  Houston Rockets Golden State Warriors → Pariez
  New Orleans Pelicans Brooklyn Nets → Pariez
  Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz → Pariez
  Los Angeles Lakers Indiana Pacers → Pariez
  Boston Celtics Portland Trail Blazers → Pariez
  Detroit Pistons Washington Wizards → Pariez
  Atlanta Hawks Philadelphia 76ers → Pariez
  Charlotte Hornets Brooklyn Nets → Pariez
  Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks → Pariez
  New York Knicks Phoenix Suns → Pariez
  Memphis Grizzlies Houston Rockets → Pariez
  Cleveland Cavaliers San Antonio Spurs → Pariez
  Utah Jazz Indiana Pacers → Pariez
  Chicago Bulls Sacramento Kings → Pariez
  Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Clippers → Pariez
  Orlando Magic Golden State Warriors → Pariez
  Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Lakers → Pariez
  Toronto Raptors Phoenix Suns → Pariez
  Minnesota Timberwolves Denver Nuggets → Pariez
  Charlotte Hornets Washington Wizards → Pariez
  Detroit Pistons Sacramento Kings → Pariez
  Brooklyn Nets San Antonio Spurs → Pariez
  Miami Heat Golden State Warriors → Pariez
  Atlanta Hawks Los Angeles Clippers → Pariez
  New Orleans Pelicans Cleveland Cavaliers → Pariez
  Milwaukee Bucks Houston Rockets → Pariez
  Indiana Pacers New York Knicks → Pariez
  Utah Jazz Oklahoma City Thunder → Pariez
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